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HML IRB is now accepting all non-UNICEF applications for research ethics review through our online submission and record-keeping system. All new requests for ethical review should be submitted online through the IRB Portal. Managing existing approved studies should also be done through the IRB Portal. There are several documents available here and in the Resources section of the IRB Portal to help you learn how to use the online system.


Link to the HML IRB Portal

CURRENT CLIENTS:  If you are an existing client who has previously submitted studies to us for ethical review, you should have received an email with instructions on how to login and set your password. If you did not, you can still set your password by clicking on the link to the HML IRB Portal and clicking on the Forgot Password link in the middle of the screen. Enter the email address we should have on file for you as both your UserID and Email and click on the Submit button. If you have a User Account, login instructions will be emailed to you. If you receive the message "Can't match a user account," you will need to follow the instructions in Creating a New User Account to request creation of an account.

NEW CLIENTS:  If you are not an existing client and we have not previously conducted ethical reviews for your organization, please contact us at prior to requesting a user account in the online portal.

Once you have submitted an application through the IRB Portal, please submit all correspondence about your study using the Messages feature.

If you have any questions about the process

or how to apply, please contact:

Dr. Michael Anderson, IRB Chair &

Penelope Lantz, General Counsel at:

Here are some documents you may find useful for the online portal:

How to Submit a Study for Ethical Review

How to Manage an Approved Study

Creating a New User Account

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